My Story

After leading Logistics and Operations for 14 years in a big multinational company, I recently decided to embrace entrepreneurship and turn an idea into reality with Art Unik.

I have a real passion for decorative objects. I love visiting antique shops looking for rare objects, discovering their origin, learning their names and telling their stories to people who share the same enthusiasm for authentic objects.

Beyond my passion, I am convinced about one thing: we consume too much. Modern decorative objects which we once found attractive turn into boring item very quickly. We buy, throw away, and buy again... sometimes because of a spiral of low prices or a trend which, accelerate the reign of hyper-consumption. This conviction drove me to launch Art Unik in 2019, a sustainable alternative which extend the life of antique objects and furniture.

Art Unik is a selection of antique objects which are authentic, sustainable, exceptional and carefully selected to give a soul to your interior. All our objects can be as well admired in store. Most of all, I love learning stories about antique objects, sharing them to start writing new ones...

- Sonia R. -