Guillaume, Paintings specialist

Area of Expertise

Paintings specialist 19th and 20th Century

What is your background?

I started around 20 years old. While studying, I loved to hunt around. My mother passed this passion on to me because she was a bargain hunter. And then this passion took precedence over studies.

Very early on I was attracted to paintings because of the graphics. I quickly specialized in this area, in order to better know the coast of artists, follow trends, and acquire expertise in this area.

What is your area of expertise? What do you like most about your speciality?

Paintings from19th early 20th. The richness of this period is interesting, it covers different areas in painting portraits, still life, landscapes, seascapes.

I do a lot of research on the artist, the biography of the painter, the works of the artist, this allows to appreciate the quality of a work. This part of my work fascinates me because it allows to re-locate the artist in his works. I am also looking into whether the painting has been exhibited in expositions.

Which piece do you like the most and why?

The painting that moves me the most is that of Pauline Wissant, A workshop corner. It is a table that represents well half of the 19th, dated 1869. It is painted by a woman, little-known painter, copyist, restorer.

She succeeded in making her place by exhibiting at the Paris salon of 1869, in an environment reserved for men. I like the colors, the subject, the still life very well composed, a beautiful diagonal with the saber, the painter's palette, a breastplate to bring out the light, the reflections, a Chinese ceramic.