Patrick, Generalist

Area of Expertise


What is your background?

After a carpentry CAP, I started my career as a salesperson, I mainly worked in the Sentier district in Paris. I met my future partner, a flea market enthusiast. We started together with the rental of a 1500m2 warehouse. I learned the trade with experience, reading trade magazines and scouring fairs and flea markets.

What is your area of expertise? What do you like most about your speciality?

I am a generalist, I like to go through the different periods of history, from Napoleon III to design, to modern. I work a lot on a crush regardless of the period.

Which piece do you like the most and why?

All my pieces are favorite pieces. Because each purchase is a battle to obtain it, each object has its story. When reselling, I always have a heartbreak to part with these parts.